Signs that you are a sneakerhead, according to a leading sneakerhead, Chris Robinson.

SB Collector, as he is famously known as owns a sneaker store in NJ, the US and has achieved this success all on his own.

There are so many things in life, which we like to own and dream about. However, how many of the times do we feel passionate enough to even make a career in the same, asks Chris Robinson, one of the leading sneakerheads of the US, a young man who made a career of his choice, all on his own. He says sneakers are things that almost all of us like and during the course of our life, we might cross paths at least once with an exclusive pair that catches our attention. However, not every sneaker fan or lover goes ahead in becoming a sneakerhead, says the young talent.

Explaining who, according to him, is a sneakerhead, Chris Robinson says that a person who is a die-hard, passionate sneaker fanatic, who can go to any level for getting hold of a pair he/she wants is a sneakerhead. Some crazy sneaker fans might not even know that they could become a potential success story in the industry. The signs are so bold and hard to miss that it shows some people belong in this sneaker community. Also, Chris Robinson says that being a sneakerhead comes with multiple responsibilities, but once people start their journeys in the same, they would never look at footwear the way they did before.

• Focus on styling: People who plan their whole outfits based on their sneakers, not even the weather or the dress code, and if the sneakers decide the rest of the apparel for them, they are potential sneakerheads.

• Using certain terminology: If terms like OG, Retro, VNDS, Hypebeast, Deadstock, etc., are in your vocabulary, you are a sneaker fanatic and a probable sneakerhead.

• Not enough storage: If people own too many sneakers, and there isn’t any storage space left, they are on the path to becoming great sneakerheads, says Chris Robinson.

• Spending more: When it comes to sneakers, some people do not focus more on finances. They always manage to squeeze out some cash, somehow to buy their desired pair. This is another sign they can become a sneakerhead.

For Chris Robinson, his early inclination towards fashion and sneakers has what helped him propel forward to greater heights in the industry, confesses the youngster, who today is the proud owner of his sneaker store in Long Branch, NJ and is only looking forward to making more feats in the sneaker industry as a sneaker influencer and entrepreneur. Find out more about Chris Robinson through his handle on Instagram @sbcollector.

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