Stündenglass has introduced a one of its kind product which is all set to hit the global markets.

This revolutionary product is going to create history as its features have never been seen or experienced before.

With many new and innovative products being introduced in various sectors it’s no surprise if we come across a product which stuns all with its unique and innovative features which are new and never seen earlier. There have been many such introductions in the past which have taken over their respective industries in a big way and we have one such product which has taken everyone by surprise because of its out of the box features. Stündenglass has introduced the world’s first gravity powered, contactless, hookah that uses kinetic motion activation, cascading water and opposing air flow technology to give it’s users that perfect out of the world Hookah experience.

The innovative product has been designed by Tracey Huston who with his talent has brought out this wonderful product which has thrilled all. Seeing the impact it can create in the near future, Grenco Science has acquired the rights of the product and will now be streamlining it to boost it’s expansion plans. Speaking about the product takeover the CEO and Founder of Grenco Science, Chris Folkerts said that he truly applauds and recognizes the efforts of Stündenglass’ founder Tracey Huston, who is an ex-Apple employee and he looks forward in incorporating this new design in future versions of their products. Tracey says, “I have always wanted to create a product which has never been made before, I was striving to design something that would be known as a first of its kind product and after a lot of research and development came out with this which has created much anticipation than expected.”

Stündenglass, meaning “Hourglass” in German has created history of sorts by creating this contactless gravity-powered device for delivering water-filtered smoke. Hookah enthusiasts have already appreciated the product in a big way as it offers a safe option which doesn’t involve sharing the smoking mouth piece. 

To know more about the product, visit its official website or follow Stundenglass on

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