‘Luxury Equities’ by Gavin Mayo is all set to mark its global presence soon.

Owner of the biggest Discords in the world, Gavin says he wants to make his brand the best in stock niche. 

“Stock trading if done the right way has the potential to give phenomenal results,” says 19 year old trading and investment expert from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gavin Mayo. There is always a strategic approach while trading in stocks and if one deviates from this, losses are bound to happen. To let aspiring traders learn the nitty-gritties of the trade and turn them into seasoned experts, Gavin has come out with his educative initiatives through Discord which has gained much popularity since its launch catapulting its user base to more than 50,000 in a short period, which is indeed huge. We spoke to Gavin about his journey towards being a successful trader and educator at an age of just 19. This young talent from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has shown the world that success can be achieved at any age provided one is dedicated and focussed towards their work. 

When asked about how was he drawn towards the stock market, Gavin replies, “I found the stock market to be enchanting ever since the age of 13, and to fuel my passion and start trying my hands at trading, I started watching YouTube videos and dabbled in the stock market initially. However, at a later stage I got seriously involved in it and even thought of making it my full-time career. Somehow my other interest of becoming an athlete blocked my road towards pursuing a career in stocks, and I had to choose going after my sports career leaving my trading dreams behind.” However as the world was struck with the pandemic throwing many career dreams off the track, Gavin too had to put his sports career in the backburner and with loads of time in his hands started trading in stocks again. 

His second innings was indeed a successful one, and he mastered the art of trading making huge profits within a short period and learning about strategies that gave consistent results. He had made his path to glory in no time. “Having tasted phenomenal success I wanted to share my knowledge amongst people and with that aim started my TikTok channel where I posted educative content about stock trading and investing. In no time the channel gained a whopping follower base of more that 250k further boosting my confidence to go further,” states the ace trader and educator. Sometime in between he got acquainted with Discord which had loads of features that were required to take it forward and hence Gavin shifted his user base to it. Today he is the owner of one of the biggest Discords in the world. 

Presently, he stands amongst the best in business and wants to take his brand a step ahead by launching its own app and website soon. 

To know more about Gavin Mayo follow his Instagram and TikTok@gavin_mayo

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