Bryce Monkivitch – An Australian entrepreneur and marketing genius who has made it to the Forbes list:

Every business entity has a dream to be mentioned in Forbes magazine and Bryce Monkivitch has finally achieved it. He now owns four female fashion brands, the biggest one being Sincere Sally (IG: @sinceresallyboutique) which in turnover generates more than USD 1 million annually. He sells women’s fashion, sportswear, swimwear and accessories in both the Australian market and the U.S. The store competes with well-established brands such as Nasty Gal, Fashion Nova and Princess Polly. 

If you are a female who loves wearing fashionable clothes, I would recommend you to check out the social media handles of Sincere Sally

IG: @Sinceresallyboutique

Facebook: Sincere Sally 


The journey towards becoming an e-commerce success did not come to Bryce easily. During the years of 2017 and 2018, he founded a business that sold dog hats online through Facebook and Instagram. Using a supplier for the hats from Alibaba, the online marketplace. But soon the craze for the product cooled off, so he started selling trendy fashion clothes for women. He created an online store on the platform Shopify using $5,000 which he saved from doing freelance concrete work.

Things never came to him easily. He enrolled himself on many courses in accounting and business. As he was not focused on a single one, he ended up not completing any degree. He always knew he wanted to do something big and earn money but his life as an adult was very vague as he had lost sight of the direction he was heading. He gambled his savings into online ventures and today he’s an accomplished entrepreneur with a lot of things going on in his life. He says being open to every opportunity and having strong relationships with the people involved in the business world has got him so far in his life. 

He has also involved his sister in Sincere Sally and she became a partner in 2020. To be patient with everything he does and not scaling too fast is very important, he implies. He is also a world traveller and loves to network around the world. Bryce has spent his last 4 years travelling across China and meeting his suppliers. He also built teams in the Philippines by hiring a village and constructing an office to accommodate 12,000 workers. He says one should always strive for better, take the risk, be spontaneous and not let opportunities pass you by. He values his work and e-commerce. Don’t take time for granted and push everything as hard as you can so you can keep growing and staying in front of trends. 

Do follow him for more detailed updates on his IG profile, who knows you might end up getting an idea for your next startup. @sir.bryce

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