Karyna Romanova shares a few DJing trends that people can expect in 2021.

Her growth as a DJ has astonished people, and people are looking forward to more of her work in America’s entertainment scene.

The pandemic has changed many things for many people and businesses all around the world. Amidst this, how could the entertainment space remain unharmed. With so many developments and changes that people had to make only to sustain their positions in the industry has also taught many new things to professionals, artists and entrepreneurs. Karyna Romanova is a rising DJ from the US, who believes that people from any industry must learn to walk with the trends and accept the new normal, and most importantly, look out for ways that can help them thrive even amidst all this with utilizing the resources and tools that are available like the digital space.

She is an excellent model and actor already, who has proved her talents and skills with being a part of movies and TV series and has now ventured into the music space, becoming a DJ, soon to come up with her first track as a writer and composer.

Amidst a pandemic, she shares a few trends for DJing to look out for in 2021.

  • Next-gen DJ gear: DJ gear companies are continuously trying to come up with something new. For this, they are already revitalizing their best-selling standalone controller range, offering far better features, touchscreens, speed and power.
  • Smaller gigs are on the way: The times are tough, but slowly things will open up this year; with an increase in vaccinations, people will look out to get out of their homes and attend smaller gigs to get their dose of entertainment.
  • More of Covid testing: More than any other drug tests at raves, people can expect more Covid testings to take place. Yes, that is perhaps the new normal and people can even expect Covid testing stations at large outdoor events.
  • Livestreaming: Karyna Romanova says that livestreaming with DJs is already becoming a thing and more and more people are also demanding such digital events, where they can enjoy great music from the confines of their home.

Karyna Romanova always found herself as a creative person, drawing inspiration from her interesting acquaintances and creative events. People are impressed with her positive and unparalleled vibe that exudes a lot of creativity and unique self-expression. Through her photoshoots as a model (working with MMG, one of the largest modelling agencies in the US) and as an actor (working with Miami’s acting agency MTM Agency) and now as a DJ, Karyna Romanova broadcasts a positive attitude of living and inspires and motivates people.

Connect with her on Instagram @miss_ramanova to know more.

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