Custom Jewellery From NYC Luxury Jewellery Store Is Something To Die For

Who does not like custom made jewellery? Although it is something extremely popular among people from higher standards and sections of the society, since it is used by professionals to give themselves a unique outlook, it does not stop individuals from actively looking up to jewellers who are specialised and skilled in such things. With cutthroat competition, especially in buzzing cities like New York, NYC Luxury jewellery store is going forward with purpose all expectations and establish itself as the supreme custom-made jewellery store. Why wouldn’t it come up? After all, Izzy and Gabriel have put a lot of effort into this store.

The popularity of the NYC Luxury store came from the fact that a lot of professional celebrities have purchased from them, and Izzy himself has been involved in a lot of personal projects which involved very delicate and expensive pieces. Although it was supposed to make him very nervous, it only made him more confident because now he was capable of pulling off even the most extreme of works. one is expected to be nervous about providing projects to a celebrity, but an expert is not going to hesitate since he has had his fair share of experience in the industry.

“I think the best thing about working as founders of anybody luxury is the environment. I feel very much at ease whenever I am at work, and the exact opposite of what most people feel when they’re about to go to work. This is because since everyone involved in the store has a completely different and unique approach to customer service, an atmosphere which is indeed friendly and relaxed hangs around at all time, which allows us to function efficiently and also provide the clients with an outstanding experience. We make sure to give the client an experience that is not just welcomed but also cherished by them. After all, we need to create a long-lasting impact on them, and remember, the first impression is the best.” Says Izzy, when questioned about the work

Talking of experience, Izzy is involved in the jewellery making field for a decade now, but before this, he will be a simple flyer boy who worked along efficiently with his current date partner and cofounder Gabriel. Although they have already come this far, this duo has a lot to achieve in the future, make sure you follow them on a regular basis on either their official website or their social media accounts are given below:



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