A Celebrity Favorite: Benny Da Jeweller!

A well-known individual in the rap and hip-hop industry is Benny Nisanov, not because of his skills in music creation but because of his amazing jewellery making skills. Surprised? Well, this is because you don’t know about Benny yet, a favourite on the celebrity list.

There has been an increasing demand among celebrities and socialites to get customised jewellery according to their liking. This is one such luxury demand which never actually goes down because there have always been people who want to wear something unique, something that no one else has. And since they can afford it, they look for the best jewellers who have good experience in the industry.

We always get to know about the outstanding ideas from the client’s vision, and get to see the final outcome that has been provided, but do you really want to know sometimes that how difficult the process is and what are the exact specifications that need to be taken care of before beginning with a project? Not all of you must have considered that, we must bring into light how complicated yet thrilling the projects can be.

After the client has provided with the specifications of the kind of design they have in mind, Benny moves forward to make sure that the design is interpreted properly, and draws a rough draught so that the client can have a proper vision of how it is going to look in two dimensions. After taking care of the rough draught, and making changes according to the necessity, he proceeds to carve out a 3D wooden design to make sure that he is not missing out on any points which the paper drawn figure could have missed out. this is to not only ensure quality but also make sure that the design comes out to be exactly according to the client’s decision. That is what makes it unique and customized. All of this work, and baby makes sure to get it done in around 4 weeks. However, he has also completed projects in two weeks whenever the demand is urgent.

Currently, Benny is popular among celebrities like Pop Smoke, French Montana, and a few others. Even the well-known athlete Tim Hardaway Jr has purchased from him and has been a loyal customer. However, he doesn’t just cater to the elite. Anyone can get their jewellery dreams fulfilled through Benny. Now that you know, make sure to look him up on his other social media websites because his products posted are certainly worth the attention! 

Connect with him on: 

Website: http://www.jewelsbybenny.com

Instagram handle: @bennydajeweler

Email: Bennythejeweler@gmail.com

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