Born with a desire to change the world- Pierre Subeh:

Pierre Subeh is a talented marketing entrepreneur with several of his own firms, the biggest of them being X Network. He is also the man who finally got April recognized as the NAAHM.

Pierre Subeh grew up in three different countries with so many unique and different cultures. He considers himself a world citizen and loves to live beyond boundaries. He was born in the coastal city of Latakia, Syria. After that he then moved to a beautiful Caribbean Island called Curaçao at the young age of 11-years old, leaving his whole family behind. He found himself alone in a new place and missed his family dearly. He was always filled with passion and had a dream to fulfill from the very beginning. He wasn’t able to travel until a few days before he turned 18 when he finally received his European citizenship. As a young adult, he made it my mission to travel and explore the world. His childhood was not normal, it was filled with difficulties and challenges. It was as good as a movie that has a plot twist but ends happily. Though his life was filled with obstacles it turned to be happy in the end. They say bad experiences make good stories and Pierre’s life has also been a great series of events. 

At the time he graduated from high school, he took a year gap. This gap made him reconsider his choices in life and he took his time to make sure he had a crystal-clear plan on how things are going to turn out to him in the future. He immediately found himself with marketing director opportunities. Though his first job taught him a lot about how the world works incorporates, he disliked the toxic work environment. In a moment of rage, he even wanted to quit everything immediately and start his marketing firm; one that would respect him as an individual and also his talent and creative prowess. 

Pierre Subeh wishes to make a difference in the world. He wanted to shift the point of view and hope to make a workplace he wished existed when he graduated from high school as an experienced marketing genius. He clarifies that he is not calling himself genius out of ego but for the fact that he put in efforts to learn theories and applied them in real life much ago before digital marketing was introduced to the world. Truly the world needs someone like Pierre Subeh.

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