Know how Josh Bru made his journey to being successful:

Josh Brusilovsky is an influential and talented Chicago booker on the list of artist directors. Josh has four years of experience in the music and entertainment industry with a long list of artists who will vouch for his credibility and reliability. Josh Bru has his own premier entertainment company and he has set aside more than $250,000 for artists for nightlife venues in Chicago and other U.S. cities.

At Bru’s company, the staff all work hard and they are engaged with their clients from the day to day to help shape their music career. As an artist manager, Josh Bru’s task is to book concerts, organize marketing campaigns, help plan the album, take care of other management needs and manage social media accounts.

Josh Bru went to Chicago to study business at DePaul University and he started promotions for small nightlife Venues as a way to earn some extra cash. In a few years, he took his game to the next level. He established a decent career and took many promoters to work under him. They now aim to gain exclusive access to artists with a high ticket to book. 

 It attracts participants with large-scale promotional campaigns throughout Chicago. The marketing is done by the promoters and it involves a social media campaign with prizes and gifts. They also have promotional techniques designed to guide ticket sales and foot traffic for the events. For Josh Bru, booking artists was the most important and expensive part but he always gets the work done. Some of his bookings are Blueface, Shoreline Mafia, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, Jack Harlow, Playboi Cards, 24k Gold, Saweetie and Migos.

His new ventures are as an artist and A&R management and he has made a big move in this direction. He wants to work with each and every artist. He believes that he has made good connections in the last four years and he intends to apply to the artists ’management role. He wants to work with some of the next artists to help them build their careers. Josh Bru has faced many difficulties but every time he has found a way to keep him going. He loves to talk to his followers, help others to be successful. He wants to add more feathers to his cap in the near future.

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