Suzanne Soliman- An exceptional woman striving to bring a revolutionary change in the pharmaceutical world:

For quite a long time, the world has yet to witness full-fledged gender equality, and several parts of the world have not yet adapted to the modern progressive ethos, but with changing times, the whole world has seen how empowering girls and clearing away gender equalities can change the whole world. Freshly, we came across Suzanne Soliman who is a brilliant woman pharmacist, a thought leader focused on public health, women and leadership, a caring mother, and a loving wife. 

Suzanne Soliman is the chief academic officer for the accreditation council for Medical Affairs (ACMA), she is a board-certified medical affairs specialist (BCMAS). Suzanne has also worked as a clinical pharmacist, independent pharmacy owner, a medical science associating officer and national field team educator preparatory to becoming an Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at UIC-COP, she even has several faculty appointments at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Rutgers University and St. John’s University. 

Suzanne Soliman has over 100 disseminations and presents nationally on pharmacy, parenting and women issues, she is bestowed with the Rufus A. Lyman award which is being acknowledged for the best manuscript published in the American Journal of Pharmacy Education and in the year, 2019 she was the awardee of the Next Generation Pharmacist Civic Leader Award. She has also been featured in Pharmacy teaching and learning and in several news outlets such as The New York Times, ABC7NY, Daily Voice, “New York Magazine”, “Crain’s Chicago Business”, “Time Out Chicago” and many more. 

Suzanne Soliman has always wanted to be a brilliant pharmacist and strived to bring a revolutionary change for the profession of Pharmacy and lead pharmacist.  Her desire to make a revolution came to a culmination when one evening she went to Facebook and created a group called the Pharmacist Moms Group (PhMG), in a bat of an eye the group flourished and turn out to be a grand success as currently, the group is the largest organisation of pharmacists in the United States with a total of over 35,000 members.

Suzanne has changed a lot since the initiation of her career. She believes that she is much older and wiser now and also her thought process has changed considerably. Talking about her future plans, she declared that she will release a book in December 2021 and has already been picked by one publisher. We wish her the best for all her future endeavors!

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