A technologically driven platform for all your pet care needs- The Vets:

In the new age, Home Pet Care Services is a revolutionary idea. It is extremely comfortable, convenient and easy for both the pet owner and the pet. It saves you from the unnecessary time wasted in waiting rooms and traffic jams. On being asked about their future plans, they said, “We aspire to become a $1B valued company and Build the US largest veterinary pet care company.” The Vets is the modern method of dealing with pet services. It is technology-driven and reduces manual labour and eliminates the chances of errors. In other words, The Vets is “driven by data and apps to automate and facilitate our customers with a full pet management platform.” 

The Vets also provides an A/B system to recruit the most skilled and talented veterinary doctors as they believe the pets deserve the best. They always try to stay up to date with the ongoing technology so that they can provide the best services to their customer. They are one of the first pet care companies who decided to go paperless and provide health care through call support. If you are wondering what go paperless means then let me walk you through it. The company provide their services with any documents which are all the information is noted down and is kept digitally. All services and transactions with the company or your personally appointed doctor can be done with a tablet app that takes care of the entire process by itself. Customers don’t need to maintain documents. They also provide House calls and deliver treatments to your doorstep. The medication and treatment that the pet needs will be delivered directly to their natural habitat within 24 hours of their appointment.

They have expanded their company to 5 major US cities which are Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Vegas and Portland and soon will be available in 8-9 cities by the end of the year which includes Houston, Austin, Chicago and San Diego. They have also raised more than raised $7M in their Seed Round. According to the Vets, “It’s never been easier to give your pet the care they deserve. We’re here to deliver convenient and comprehensive care that will keep your furry friends healthy. Leave the stressful traffic, anxiety and packed waiting rooms in the past. It’s time to sit back and relax – the future of pet care is at your doorstep”.

To know more about the Vets, check out their website and social media handle (Link down below)

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thevets_official/

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thevetsofficial/

Website- https://thevets.com/

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