Kartik Anand- The reason behind all the successful businesses around us:

Kartik Anand is a well-known figure in the business world. He is the founder of Kings Group Ventures LLC, a successful company. “Entrepreneurship requires a certain level of comfort with failure,” he says, having been in the company for almost a decade. Being at ease with failure and maintaining a positive attitude toward it does not imply giving up easily. Kartik argues that his failures prepared the way for his success throughout his career. 

Managing a company is an iterative process in which new difficulties and opportunities are constantly presented. So, how does Kartik Anand handle circumstances like these? “My team and I evaluate situations and adapt so our business can keep moving forward when unexpected changes occur. As a leader, I have focused on guiding the business trajectory, including all aspects from funding, strategy, resourcing & foremost – ensuring an employee-friendly culture,” said Kartik. 

In 2011, he launched XDBS. He had about five people working for him at the time. Despite their modest size, they have managed to develop such a profitable firm in such a short time. They currently have digital competencies in the markets of North America, EMEA, and JAPAC. They have done a lot along the way, and as a result, they have won countless awards. These rewards have pushed them to work even harder. Silicon India awarded their flagship company, XDBS, two titles: “Top 100 Tech Companies Founded by Indians in the US” and “Best Startups to Work for.”

 In 2015, they were also awarded the Silver Stevie Award in the category of Sales and Customer Service. Winning the titles of ‘Asia’s Greatest Brand’ and ‘Asia’s Greatest Leader 2017′ was something very special and memorable for them. Apart from the company, Kartik Anand was named Times Man of the Year Pune 2018 in the Information Technology category, as well as Times Pune Visionaries for the years 2018 and 2019. They won Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards for ‘Outstanding Revenue Growth’ and ‘Content Marketing’ in the current year, which is 2021. 

“Owing to our constant hard work and dedication, we made a mark in Dubai in May 2021 when Khaleej Times featured Circle of Crust as the leading QSR serving the most unique artisanal pizzas”, added Kartik. If you believe the list of awards ends here, you are mistaken; there are many more. The Circle of Crust received the Times Hospitality Icons Award in January 2021. They also won the Times Food and Nightlife Award two months later, in April 2021. 

All of these rewards fuelled their sense of fulfilment and accomplishment, propelling them to progress in their careers. There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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