Making new discoveries with every journey- Dakota Wint:

Dakota Wint is a talented filmmaker, influencer, content creator and spiritualist. Being a passionate traveller and avid lover of exploration, Dakota took to the road inspired to bring the hidden world of unique traditions, rituals, and religious practices to his audience after finishing his studies. Dakota Wint is on a mission to highlight unique cultural practices across the oceans, from the native tribes of the Aghori in India, the Shipibo in Peru, and the Mazatecas of Oaxaca in Mexico, among others. 

These travels have shaped Dakota as a person. Had he not done what he does, he would not have met so many new people and made friends. In order words, his journey of self-growth would not have taken place. “The beauty of travelling is that you do not have to stick to routines,” claims Dakota. A new day implies a new start for travellers. Moreover, his role as a Poet and Storyteller has also become more creative due to his chosen career. He has been travelling since his younger days and the three main things that he learnt through this was Responsibility, Independence and taking risks. 

Whenever Dakota visits places and documents the unique life of various tribes, he shares it on his YouTube Channel. In case you are interested, you can subscribe to his channel called ‘Dakota of Earth’. He also narrates his experiences on his Podcast called A Place for Humans. In the near future, he will also write a novel about it. He has a strong social media presence with over 95k followers on Instagram and around half a million subscribers on Youtube. To date, Dakota has hosted many people including Alex Grey, Ram Dass, Tommy Chong, and Kat Graham. 

It is his dream to continue travelling the deepest corners of the world, spending time with unusual and interesting people, making documentaries, writing poetry, and living a life worth talking about around campfires. He has motivated and inspired a number of people to pursue their dreams. He always stresses the fact that following the heart would give immense satisfaction and peace in life. In his lifetime, he has met many distinct spiritual communities, individuals and experienced spiritual processes with their guidance. 

There are many more incredible awakening experiences Dakota has gained from his travels, both as a spiritualist’s as well as a globe-trotter’s point of view. He’s also delighted to be able to share the experiences of these native groups with the broader audience. In case you wish to know more about these stories, follow Dakota Wint on:






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